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    The Sugarfree Box is packed full of the highest quality refined sugar-free products sourced mainly from Australian businesses, allowing you to try delicious and nutritious products, without spending hours trawling health food store aisles or deciphering complicated labels.

    When you purchase a one-off health food box, you will receive a curated selection of refined sugar-free goodies delivered to your door. Best of all, we offer free shipping Australia-wide.

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    What's in the Autumn Box?

    The Autumn Box includes a variety of new and exciting refined sugar-free products. The box includes a selection of both sample and full-size health food products, which means you can share with family and friends. Even kids will love the products in our Sugarfree Box!

    Inside the Autumn Box, you’ll find 15 different health food products. If you like a surprise, cover your eyes and don’t read the list of products below!

    • Sinchies – Savvy Sinchies Kit
    • Teff Tribe – Teff Pancake Mix
    • We Are True – Activated Charcoal
    • Sneaky Wholefoods – Peanut Cacao Superbomb
    • The Spice Trading Co – 2 x Gourmet Seasoning / Dip Mixes
    • Pinch Spices – Salt Blend
    • In2Tea – Wellbeing Tea Samples
    • The Prospect Project – Muesli
    • Natvia – 40 Stick Pack
    • Table of Plenty – Savoury Protein Crunch
    • Kitz – Italian Herb & Garlic Crackers
    • Soul Sister Nosh – Cacao & Peppermint Snack Pack
    • Elite Nutrition – Acai Blend
    • BSKT – Vegan Superfood Bar

    You will also receive a selection of exclusive discounts, should you wish to repurchase any of the products in the box.

    Why do I need The Sugarfree Box in my life?
    • Saves you time: The Sugarfree Box does your health food shopping for you. No more hours spent trawling the aisles, deciphering complicated labels!
    • Does your research for you: Truly healthy food with no nasty, hidden ingredients can be hard to find. You can rest assured that we only include products with the BEST ingredients in our boxes.
    • Supports small businesses & uncovers new gems: Many of the health food products in The Sugarfree Box are sourced from small, up-and-coming Australian businesses whose products you won’t find at your local health food store. Subscribing supports these players in the Aussie health nd wellness industry too.
    • Saves you money: If you had to go out and buy the products individually, you’d spend far more than the price of The Sugarfree Box.
    • Spreads the healthy message: The Sugarfree Box includes full-size products too, so that they can be shared with family and friends. The recipes in our blog are simple to make and will be loved by the kids, too.
    Why should I give up sugar?

    Most people who embrace the refined sugar-free lifestyle will tell you that it’s not only a great way to lose and keep off weight, it’s good for your health and also your mind. Sugar calories are big and ’empty’, bad for your teeth and liver, cause diabetes and cancer, and make us cranky and poor decision-makers.

    And the cherry on top is that a sugar-free diet makes you feel simply great. To find out more about giving up sugar, read our FAQ.

    Why is The Sugarfree Box more expensive than other subscription boxes?

    We know our boxes cost a little more than most subscription boxes, but there are a few reasons why this is the case.

    First up, the product value of each box is at least $120, and that’s not including the cost of postage if you were to buy the products individually. We include full-size products as well as sample-sized products, so you won’t end up with a bunch of products you use once and then have to throw away.

    Our boxes are released every 3 months, rather than monthly like other subscription boxes. The products in the box are designed to last you around 3 months, so it works out at around $33/month if you think about it that way!

    We’re reliable and our customer service is unrivalled. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers, and our customer loyalty reflects this.

    What are the benefits of subscribing vs. buying a one-off box?

    A Seasonal Subscription saves you $10 on each box, and ensures that you will receive a box every season, even if they sell out. A one-off box is ideal if you’re just wanting to try out a box and see whether you like it.

    By subscribing, you have one less thing to worry about, as we will automatically bill your credit card and send the box to your door. All you have to do is make sure your address details are up-to-date.

    Our Seasonal Subscription can be cancelled at any time, so long as you let us know at least week before the start of the season.

    When will I receive my health food box?

    The boxes are sent out in the first week of Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter. If you order after the first week of the season, your health food box will be sent out within 3 working days.

    Do you ship internationally?

    We currently ship only to Australia and New Zealand.

    Our Australian customers can enjoy free shipping, no matter where in the country they are located.

    Our New Zealand customers will be charged a $20 flat-rate shipping fee for each box.


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