Why we made The Sugarfree Box refined sugar-free

You may have noticed that our brand new seasonal subscription boxes are now refined sugar-free, rather than completely sugar-free, as our previous monthly boxes were. Whilst this may seem like a complete change of direction for The Sugarfree Box, there are several reasons behind the change that we’d like to share with you.

Firstly, as the founder of The Sugarfree Box, I could not continue to support cutting all sugar out of your diet completely when I myself am a huge proponent of living a balanced lifestyle – which includes not completely depriving yourself. I believe that there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat, as constantly depriving yourself is a sure-fire way to not stick to living a low-sugar lifestyle. However, when we do treat ourselves, we should be ensuring that these treats are not packed with refined sugar or any other awful ingredients that do more harm than good.

I feel that it’s important for people to discover healthier alternatives to sugar-laden treats. Yes, products made with dates and honey still have a high sugar content and should only be consumed in moderation, however it is far worse to deprive yourself completely, only to go and binge on a cheesecake or a packet of M&Ms instead. It’s not possible to have a healthy relationship with food if you constantly feel deprived, and this is something I battled with for a number of years, on a number of on-and-off diets.

The key is to be mindful of your total sugar intake and try to not exceed 25g per day, as advised by the World Health Organisation. The items in our Sugarfree Box have a fairly low sugar content per serve, which means you can fit them in as an occasional treat and not exceed your recommended daily limit. We have made sure that the products containing sweeteners use only refined sugar-free sweeteners, such as coconut sugar or dates, which are both classified as low GI foods. In addition, the products included in our boxes contain micronutrients that are beneficial to your health. Sounds like a better alternative to cheesecake, right?

The final reason we chose to make the switch was that we were tired of rejecting fantastic up-and-coming health food businesses with amazing products, purely because their products didn’t fit our criteria of having less than 5g of sugar per 100g. We wanted to show these health food businesses our support by sharing these products with you, and helping you discover products that you might not find on the shelves of your local health food store.

The Summer Box

We’ve just released a preview of our Summer Box – you can see a little sneak peek unboxing video below! This box is stuffed with some really great products that we can’t wait for you to try. Sign up for a seasonal subscription, or try out a one-off box to see how you like it.

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