The Sugarfree Box is exactly what it says on the lid: healthy, refined sugar-free products and delicious joy delivered right to your doorstep in a beautiful box each season.

How The Sugarfree Box began…

Like many of you, our founder, Steph, used to get through the stress and boredom of her days in a corporate job by powering through a chocolate stash.  But what she found was that, when she went sugar-free, she simply felt better.

Unfortunately, sugar is everywhere, and not just in soft drinks and chocolate. We’re talking bread, pasta sauces, juice, yoghurt, ‘fat-free’ snacks – and the list goes on and on.

“If only there was an easy way to find healthy alternatives to sugar-laden snacks and cooking ingredients” Steph thought. And so the idea of a refined sugar-free, health food subscription box was born.

With all those misleading and deceptive food labels, like ‘fat-free’ and ‘superfood’, it can be hard to figure out what is actually a healthy food. But The Sugarfree Box makes it easy when it comes to sourcing sugar-free products for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

About #thesugarfreemovement

Most people who embrace the refined sugar-free lifestyle will tell you that it’s not only a great way to lose and keep off weight, it’s good for your health and also your mind. Sugar calories are big and ’empty’, bad for your teeth and liver, cause diabetes and cancer, and make us cranky and poor decision-makers.

And the cherry on top is that a sugar-free diet makes you feel simply great.

So through The Sugarfree Box, Steph is passionate about spreading #thesugarfreemovement message. Use the delicious and healthy products in your Sugarfree Box to snack, cook, and bake up a storm, and then reuse your Sugarfree Box packaging to send a healthy care package to a friend. Spread the word among your family and friends, and don’t forget to share your creations with the world by tagging @thesugarfreebox on Instagram.

About The Sugarfree Box

For each season of the year, subscribers receive a curated selection of refined sugar-free goodies delivered to their door. The products in the box change each season, but some of our past boxes have included:

    • Nut butters
    • Protein ball mixes
    • Muesli bar mixes
    • Bliss balls
    • Teff flour
    • Spice blends
    • Breakfast and salad toppers
    • Turmeric latte mix
    • Matcha, and more..

Why subscribe?

In case the prospect of more energy, clearer skin and a stable mood doesn’t have you completely convinced, The Sugarfree Box also:

  • Saves you time: The Sugarfree Box does your health food shopping for you. No more hours spent trawling the aisles, deciphering complicated labels!
  • Does your research: Truly healthy food with no nasty, hidden ingredients can be hard to find. You can rest assured that we only include products with the BEST ingredients in our boxes.
  • Uncovers new gems: Many of the products in The Sugarfree Box are sourced from small, up-and-coming Australian businesses whose products you won’t find at your local health food store. Subscribing supports these players in the Aussie health food industry too.
  • Saves you money: If you had to go out and buy the products individually, you’d spend far more than the price of The Sugarfree Box.
  • Spreads the healthy message: Unlike other health food subscription boxes, The Sugarfree Box is not just a sample box. We include mostly full-size products in each box, so that they can be shared with family and friends. The recipes in our blog are simple to make and will be loved by the kids, too.

Ready to find out how The Sugarfree Box can help change your life? It’s time to get started. Jump straight in by signing up to our great value seasonal subscription box, or start out with a one-off box to see how you like it. Interested in getting a friend off their sugar high? Gift them a box.

Our 7 Day Sugar-Free Challenge